Get To Know Lakeshore Intergenerational School

School Leadership


Robin Bartley

Robin is the principal of Lakeshore Intergenerational School. She has been with the Intergenerational Schools for 10 years and is very excited to bring this intergenerational learning approach to the students living in the North Collinwood area of Cleveland. Robin and her husband live on the east side and have raised three children. She enjoys travel which includes bike riding through local, state and national parks. Robin has a passion for children’s literature and enjoys sharing a love of reading with her students. She serves on the board of trustees for a local library to ensure that books will always be in the hands of children. The opening of LIS in 2014 was an exciting time, not only for Robin, her staff, families and students, but for the North Collinwood community. Robin is very excited for the school to become an increasingly active member in this vibrant community of lifelong learners.

Grades Served

Lakeshore Intergenerational School serves students grades K-5, and is growing each year to serve students K-8. 

School History

Lakeshore Intergenerational School was founded by the Intergenerational School. Founded in 2000 by Dr. Cathy Whitehouse & Dr. Peter Whitehouse, The Intergenerational School has consistently been recognized as one of the leading public charter schools in the country. Our distinct educational model has also inspired educators as far as Spain and Japan to incorporate intergenerational educational approaches in their school and communities. Lakeshore Intergenerational School is the Collinwood campus of our Intergenerational Schools. 

Board Membership

Please find our Lakeshore Intergenerational School Board Members below. To contact our board, you can leave a voicemail for the Board of Directors at (216) 961-4308 x2310.

  • Mark Saffran, Board Chair
  • David Atton
  • Andy Male
  • Lynn Phares
  • Mark Olson
  • Lee Trotter
  • Wynter Allen

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Lakeshore Intergenerational School connects, creates and guides a multigenerational community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens.

Our Vision: The Intergenerational Schools are successful Intergenerational Learning Communities that are transforming Cleveland, and the world, into a better and more equitable global community.  The Intergenerational Schools will serve as a model to encourage and assist other communities to create similar learning environments.

Innovative Academic Program

Our educational model was born from the desire to create a school that honored and respected children and enabled them to each learn in a time frame and manner that suited their individual capabilities. To do this meant rejecting age as the single most important factor in organizing the educational environment and experiences.

Our schools were founded on two mainstay principles:

  • Learning is a lifelong developmental process
  • Knowledge is socially constructed

Academic Results

We are proud of our students' most recent accomplishments on the Ohio Department of Education exams. You can find our full school report card on the ODE website here.


It is always our goal to reach the whole child, and we strive for a balance of athletic and non-athletic after school extracurriculars. For example, extracurriculars include After School Tennis Club, Gardening Club, and more.


Lakeshore Intergenerational School is a community school established under Chapter 3314. of the Revised Code. The school is a public school and students enrolled in and attending the school are required to take proficiency tests and other examinations prescribed by law. In addition, there may be other requirements for students at the school that are prescribed by law. Students who have been excused from the compulsory attendance law for the purpose of home education as defined by the Administrative Code shall no longer be excused for that purpose upon their enrollment in a community school. For more information about this matter contact the school administration or the Ohio Department of Education.